Four reasons why we love remote working at CS2

Working remotely is a hot topic right now. Some swear it makes them more productive while others get distracted. Managers sometimes find it uncomfortable, new parents believe it is a necessity and some millennials believe it is a human right. Whatever your belief, working remotely is on the rise, making up 37% of US workforce and many people are finding benefits.

Charlie Saunders
April Show & Tell

In this month's show and tell we are discussing how to thrive at work using these tactics for your body and your mind. First, Crissy discusses how working out has made her happier, more productive and given her more energy. Then, Christie shares some of the benefits of listening to podcasts, and provides some suggestions.

March Show & Tell

At CS2, we have been trying to find a more efficient way to project manage campaign execution for our clients. I am a long-time fan of Kanban boards for managing my tasks and Asana just so happened to launch kanban boards as a new feature (currently in beta). Kanban boards are widely used in the development world, and consist of different columns or lanes in which “cards” or tasks are placed under based on status. 

February's Show & Tell

Show & Tell is a new blog series from the marketing nerds of CS2 Marketing. We’ll share with you the business and marketing related things we have been thinking about, reading about and are genuinely obsessed with.

3 Common Lead Scoring Pitfalls: Symptoms and Solutions

In B2B marketing lead scoring is certainly not a new concept and has been around for awhile in one form or another, yet still companies struggle to truly realize the benefits and conversion rates continue to drag. Lead scoring promises true marketing and sales alignment that will make sales more productive by focusing them on ideal targets and/or leads furthest through the buying cycle - so why are lead scoring models still not prioritizing the right leads?