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Our route to the top:

Marketing Automation and Salesforce Consulting

Demand Generation Strategy and Management

Training and Best Practice Consulting


Trusted by:

Pragmatic, a deep knowledge of the marketing technology stack and one of the few agencies that really gets agile marketing.
— Helen Trim, VP of Digital Marketing, Alfresco
  The leader in Open Source Enterprise Content Management

Our team

We are a small and agile team, dedicated to delivering an on-demand consulting experience that builds a long lasting and trusting relationship with our clients.

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"The team at CS2 are truly experts in their field and fit so seamlessly into our marketing organization, they feel like our secret weapon! From strategy, to brainstorming, to full scale project execution, the team at CS2 marketing are the best at what they do and a joy to work with. "

Sonia Lucyga, Marketing Operations Manager, inkling



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