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We are an agile team of B2B marketing technology experts; advising marketing and sales executives and empowering your team to be more effective.

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Our Services

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We have extensive experience working with marketing leaders to help guide strategy. We act as an impartial partner with deep knowledge of all things demand gen and marketing technology, helping you achieve optimal ROI from your Martech stack and your valuable team.

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Demand Gen Strategy & Execution

We see hundreds of campaigns executed each quarter and keep a close eye on what is performing well. We can help craft your demand strategy and optimize individual campaigns so they perform at their very best, or build a repeatable process so your in-house team can thrive.

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Martech Consulting

Whether it's Marketo, or any of the leading B2B Marketing technologies, we have you covered. We can run a full audit of your systems, consult on specific projects, or train your whole team. Whatever your goal is, we will guide the project, execute, run ongoing health checks and report on the results.

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Our clients get exclusive access to additional benefits as part of the CS2 community. We run client events, host a B2B Marketers Slack channel, and develop content and tools to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.

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Pragmatic, a deep knowledge of the marketing technology stack and one of the few agencies that really gets agile marketing.
— Helen Trim, VP of Digital Marketing, Alfresco
The leader in Open Source Enterprise Content Management


Our team

We are a small but mighty remote team based out of San Jose. Dedicated to delivering an on-demand consulting experience that builds a long lasting and trusting relationship with our clients.


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