Getting More From Your Marketo Features: Descriptions

Let’s cut straight to the chase here and get right into it with this one. Have you or someone you know decided to make a store run, leaving everything they needed to memory instead of taking a few minutes (or even seconds) to make a list? And then they either get there, forget and make a call or leave forgetting something? They may have even needed to make another trip -- (sluggishly raises hand) ohh the energy and time wasted.😑

Well, where I’m getting at is this...

Maybe it's just me, but I've yet to see teams leverage or discuss the description feature beneath the naming field on assets in Marketo.

With just a few minutes (or even seconds) of adding some key notes for reference later, you could be saving yourself quite a bit of time and effort looking back into past programs and assets wondering or trying to remember the details that support their existence. This will also be super helpful for any new team members needing clarity in the future.

Check out the various types of information that could be beneficial adding onto your assets:

Links to supporting docs and tasks

  • Campaign briefs
  • Email/Landing page copy
  • Tasks/tickets for team requests and projects

Notes on purpose of programs, campaigns, and folders

  • Nurtures
  • Operational programs
  • Folder level storage notes (i.e. Design Studio)
  • Program template instructions
  • Target audience to view at a quick glance
  • External landing page urls for easy reference and review

We’re so spoiled with all of the sophisticated wiring behind Marketo that it’s so easy to overlook those little things such as this clean digital slate of space, begging for a few characters to be added in every time we name an asset. And then that Save button gets pressed after a name is added and it’s no turning back.

But hey, I’m not here to bring ya down about it. It’s hard work in Ops and a plethora to think about on a daily basis. I get it, trust me, which is why this was written more with you and your team in mind than that neglected white space you overlook everyday 😉. Time is valuable and memory fails us sometimes - hopefully, you’ve found this insightful and will be helpful in saving your team time in the future!

Be on the lookout for more content in this Getting More From Your Marketo Features series coming soon!