What Is Revenue Growth Architecture?

The backstory

Since the beginning of CS2, we have always struggled with deciding on how to name our services.

Whether it’s marketing operations, or marketing and sales operations, or revenue operation or even GTM operations. 

All of them are kinda “true” but never felt right.

And the reason for that is because we are doing what most internal teams do and trying to use the name of our “role” and not what we actually produce and deliver.

So in the past year we have really explored this for hours and hours and what we landed on is this. 

We deliver Revenue Growth Architecture. 

But I am feeling like you are here to read this because you want to learn what it is. So…..

What is included in Revenue Growth Architecture?

Revenue Growth Architecture (RGA) is our framework that outlines all the critical elements that a fast-growing B2B Tech company needs to deploy their go-to-market strategy. Whether it is inbound, ABM/ABX, PLG, or a combination.

When architected well, RGA enhances the customer experience, drives efficiencies, and generates powerful insights, which leads to faster revenue growth. 

After reviewing our work from the past 8 ½ years, doing multiple surveys, and interviewing our clients, we identified the 4 key areas of revenue growth architecture and what components are really necessary to ensure companies achieve growth without pain and in a way that truly scales.

Those components include the Funnel, Campaigns, Analytics and Tech & Data. 

Below is a nice graphic to show you the 4 areas and their components.

The most foundational area of RGA is the Funnel because so many of the key components to operationalizing the funnel are necessary to a revenue team’s GTM strategy. Lead capture, scoring, handoff - you get the picture. And being able to report on the funnel is fundamental to identifying if your GTM strategy is working.

The rest of the components are just as crucial. 

Campaigns are the bread and butter of your marketing strategy.

Your analytics framework helps your team make decisions on what campaigns and channels are working and where to invest more.

And tech and data is the backbone for all your processes in the three other areas. 

So next time someone asks you what your team does or you want a way to know where your operations teams should focus - think Revenue Growth Architecture (RGA)!