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Why Does Everyone Hate Content Syndication?

How often have you followed up with your SDRs and discovered that the prospects they were reaching out to based on content syndication efforts didn’t actually remember that white paper or perhaps never downloaded it in the first place? Everyone seems to agree that content syndication doesn’t really work. So why are we all still doing it?

In this episode of The Revenue Growth Architects, we’re going to get to the bottom of why so many marketing teams are still using this strategy despite lackluster conversion rates. And what you might be doing operationally to also further perpetuate the problem and what you can suggest your team does to ensure it can be successful if they still want to invest.

Tune into this episode to rethink content syndication and discover what alternatives will actually yield the results you’re looking for. Do you have a marketing ops question you’d like answered? Reach out to us at

Key Takeaways:

- Content syndication might not be the best channel for generating leads as it often results in low conversion rates and minimal impact on revenue.

- It's crucial to shift focus from solely looking at MQL generation as a metric and instead integrate a holistic approach that includes tracking the full funnel all the way to revenue.

- Consider reallocating the budget from content syndication to higher-performing channels that offer better returns on investment, such as outbound efforts, LinkedIn paid ads, or partner-driven content.

- Opting for brand-building activities rather than content syndication may yield better results in building brand association and avoiding potential negative buyer experiences

Jump into the conversation:

[06:02] Content syndication leads disappoint.

[12:47] Analyze data to optimize marketing channel performance.

[16:15] MQL metric focus results in a broken revenue system.

[23:22] Consider reevaluating content investment and nurturing existing leads instead.

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