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Why and How to "Secret Shop" Your Buyer Journey

Step into your buyer's shoes on this week's episode as Xander Broeffle and Crissy Saunders explore the power of "secret shopping" your company's buyer journey. In Crissy's first guest episode since her maternity leave, she dives into why you need to regularly test out your buyer journey yourself to give you and the revenue team guidance on how to optimize and improve it.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why to "Secret Shop": Discover the friction points in your buyer journey and understand the gravity of lost business due to poor follow-up or an overly complex journey.
  • How to actually do it: Learn Crissy's tips for how to actually secret shop your buyer journey technically, what to look out for, and the importance of bringing in your key stakeholders who own parts of the buyer journey on this activity.
  • How to turn your insights into action: Learn how you can use your findings to drive action and improvements to the buyer journey.

Tune in and let's get shopping! šŸ˜

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