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Tiering Your MQLs for Better Follow-Up and Conversion

In this episode of Revenue Growth Architects, Matt Cronk, Director of Marketing Operations at CS2, joins Xander to discuss why it's necessary to "tier" your MQLs and how it can drastically improve both your lead follow-up and improve the buyer experience.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How you should treat your 'Handraiser' or 'Hot' leads compared to your 'Warm' leads to optimize both of their journeys.
  • How lumping all MQLs together can skew your analytics and risk misguiding your optimization efforts.
  • Some handy tips on separating online and offline hot leads, activating this in your systems, and effectively reporting on the data to get better insight into the performance of your different types of MQLs.

If you're aiming to bring more precision to your marketing efforts, improve lead handling, and ultimately drive more revenue, this episode is your essential guide.

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