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Rethinking Your Email Strategy For 2024

Over the last year, there has been an over-reliance on using email as a channel from budget-starved marketers because it’s “free” and is the quickest way to get in front of potential buyers.

But what are the hidden costs of bad email practices? Are buyers numb to email since it’s so oversaturated?  And are you hurting your brand and deliverability more than the small returns you get from your “spray-and-pray” tactics?

In this episode of The Revenue Growth Architects, we’re rethinking B2B email strategy as the world heads into 2024 and how to adjust your tactics and engagement tracking knowing email is much harder to master and also with new guidelines from Yahoo and Gmail coming in February 2024 for bulk email senders so they can ensure their messages are getting delivered.

Tune in for an episode filled with tips on how to get the whole revenue team to improve how they approach email sending and ensure you start to see more success with it in the next year.

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Key Takeaways:

- Use a cross-functional email calendar for cohesive messaging across different teams, ensuring a unified voice and effective communication.

- Revitalize your customer acquisition strategies by reintroducing nurturing campaigns for people who slipped through the cracks.

- Connect on a deeper level with your customers by personalizing emails based on their individual needs and desires.

- Ditch vanity metrics like open rates for more strategic tracking methods using UTMs.

Jump into the conversation:

[00:05:47] Personalization: Define it and make it relevant.[00:09:38] Seek results, not just activity, for success.

[00:21:00] Sales engagement tools provide unique metrics to track response rates and connections, enabling better strategy and efficiency in email campaigns.

[0026:51] Focused execution drives results; quality over quantity.

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