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Pitching Custom Object Funnel Tracking to Non-Ops Stakeholders

So you may have listened or read up on our content around why Custom Object Funnel tracking is the best tracking method. But now you need to get your executives on board to make the change and do the work and you are wondering how to ACTUALLY do that.

Well on this episode, Charlie, Crissy, and Xander discuss how you can "sell" the project to non-technical stakeholders. We break down the many benefits that you will see across the business.

Some of the details we discuss include:

  • Getting the data into a single source of truth table to use in Salesforce and/or your BI tools
  • Improve the quality of the data you report on
  • Gain visibility into campaign success with the tipping point

So tune in and start building your case for the stakeholders with our help!

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