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Our Top 3 Tips for Creating RevOps Documentation

Documentation is the silent hero of operations, particularly when it’s done well. Yet many operators skip this step altogether.

In this episode of The Revenue Growth Architects, we’re sharing our top 3 tips for creating documentation so that you don’t skip it and people will actually use it!

We’ll discuss why documentation and project management are different, why your documentation practice should start with a good old-fashioned document, and how best to organize your various documentation so that someone looking for it can find it and make sense of it.

Whether you’re a full-on documentation pro or just beginning to appreciate the satisfaction that one can derive from proper documentation, we’ve got tips to help you up-level your Rev Ops documentation processes in this episode.

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Key Takeaways:

- Documentation is the silent hero of operations that can be an absolute game-changer when done well.

- Every documentation process should begin with a well-structured document that outlines project goals and timelines.

- Commenting in your project management software isn’t documentation. Compile all relevant information in a centralized document to ensure important details don’t get lost in the shuffle.

- Documentation is more than text. Consider videos or visual diagrams as well.

Jump into the conversation:

[05:57] Effective documentation ensures alignment with project requirements.

[07:43] Centralized, well-formatted content aids AI training.

[10:32] Think about the roles who might benefit from your documentation and document accordingly.

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