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Hubspot is making big moves. Let’s talk about it.

What’s the best marketing automation platform? It wasn’t that long ago that when clients were looking for an enterprise grade solution they did not consider Hubspot. At CS2, for example, migrating clients from Hubspot to Marketo was commonplace.

It seems the times are changing and Hubspot has stepped up to the plate to become a more robust platform that fit’s a company’s needs even as businesses grow beyond those early start-up stages. Particularly in the last year, there’s less and less of a reason to move off of Hubspot.

In this episode of The Revenue Growth Architects, we ask if Hubspot is now positioned to unseat Marketo as the top marketing automation platform. To add fuel to the fire, we’ll discuss how Hubspot CRM is giving Salesforce a run for its money as well.

Tune in for a thorough discussion on Hubspot that might make you rethink your preferred marketing automation platform.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Due to recent changes to the platform, more businesses are choosing to remain on HubSpot without the need to migrate.
  • When choosing when (and if) to migrate, it’s crucial to understand the business case for platform migration.
  • Hubspot is not without its challenges. Architecting the platform properly is essential for sustained success.

Jump into the conversation:

[00:15] HubSpot satisfies big clients with no need to migrate.

[09:53] HubSpot's smart approach to growing its business through acquisitions.  

[11:03] Marketo remains a customizable and powerful tool.

[17:27] Whether you prefer Hubspot or Marketo, we’ve got an optimistic outlook on competition in tech industry.

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