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How To Level Up Your Operations Using the CS2 PRODUCT Method

Too often, we see clients approaching their roles with a project mindset. A project mindset is a temporary endeavor, with timelines, budgets, endpoints, and deliverables. Project mindsets can make MOps teams feel like they are seen just as order takers who only process incoming tickets.

Today, we're going to introduce you to CS2's PRODUCT method. This method focuses on ongoing concerns, and is positioned for strategic conversations that influence business decisions. A product team is never done as long as the product remains on the market, which means there are continual opportunities for learning, feedback, improvements, enhancements, and expansions. The focus here is on outcomes.

The PRODUCT method is actually an acronym. It stands for:

P - Prioritization

R - Roadmap

O - Outcomes Measured

D - Documentation

U - User Experience

C - Continuous Improvement

T - Team Structure and Alignment

Join us as we break this all down for you with Joy Martinez, CS2's Senior Director of Marketing Operations. Joy is an expert in shifting clients from the project mindset to the PRODUCT mindset.

This method will be a game changer for you and your teams - trust us.

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