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Does Marketing Ops Have a Career Ceiling?

If you look at open roles in marketing operations today you will see a slew of senior manager or director titles. All of which have a mile long list of responsibilities but that is another story. If you try to look for anything VP level or above it seems like it is non-existent.  So this begs the question: Is a senior-level role realistically in the cards if you stick to marketing ops, or do you need to pivot to a different kind of position to fulfill your professional goals?

In this episode of The Revenue Growth Architects, we debate whether marketing ops does indeed have a career ceiling. We’ll take a look at why it might, why roles at different size companies matter, and what other career paths might make more sense for those in Ops looking to go up the ladder.

Tune into this episode to ensure you’re cultivating the right approach to your marketing ops career path.

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Key Takeaways:

- Whether considering a shift to agency work or an independent consultancy, being deeply involved in multiple aspects of the business can accelerate your career progression.

- Constant upward mobility isn't mandatory for a fulfilling career.

- Focusing on strategic initiatives and demonstrating your impact can create pathways to leadership positions—even when dealing with structural limitations in smaller organizations.

Jump into the conversation:

[05:22] Navigating career paths: technical vs. management roles

[11:17] Align with analytics and focus on business performance.

[18:07] Leadership must understand revenue operations and orchestrating functions.

[23:25] Joining an agency can advance your career.

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