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"Celebrating" Our Mistakes for Episode 200!

With two hundred episodes officially under our belts, you’d think we’d take a victory lap. Not so! Instead, we’re taking episode 200 as a time for reflection on our marketing ops blunders, gut-wrenching mistakes, and embarrassing moments.

From botched mass email sends to public speaking freeze-ups to Marketo interesting moments gone wrong, are you even doing marketing ops if you haven’t experienced a pulse-quickening mishap from time to time? Tune into this episode to learn from our mistakes and find some commiseration for yours.

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Key Takeaways:

- It’s important to learn how to bounce back. Was your mistake really something you can’t recover from?

- Always have a talk track handy. You never know when your may be asked to say a few words.

- Mistakes are just data for improvement. Certain learning only come from the experience of getting it wrong.

- Building up a tool box of quality assurance techniques like having a second set of eyes and keeping backups is critical for ensuring the integrity of your campaigns and the trust of your clients.

Jump into the conversation:

4:04 When a mistake isn’t a catastrophe. Learning the art of bouncing back.  

09:19 How to overcome a fear of public speaking.

18:30 Learning from mistakes is critical for growth.

25:34 Lessons learned from pushing too hard.

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