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Busting the MQL Myth That’s Hurting Your Marketing Performance

Marketing teams are working furiously to fulfill MQL quotas as the end of the year swiftly approaches. But are MQLs the best metric to determine your marketing team’s performance? What other metrics might provide a better indicator of the health of your business and the success of your campaigns?

In this episode of The Revenue Growth Architects, we’re breaking the MQL myth that more MQLs = hitting your revenue goals. We’ve packed this episode with discussions from how demand capture is not brand-building to why some sources like content syndication have such low conversion rates and what you’re better off doing instead. And we’re going deep on why focusing too much on MQLs over other metrics will lead you astray.

Tune in to this episode and find out how to use other funnel metrics that tie directly to opportunities!Do you have a marketing ops question you’d like answered?Reach out to us at

Key Takeaways:

- MQLs are still relevant, but tying all your metrics and marketing performance to MQL volume alone can lead to problems.

- Establishing the right metrics and funnel tracking is crucial for accurate measurement and optimization of marketing efforts.

- Focus on creating a strong buyer experience and nurturing leads for long-term success, rather than just capturing immediate demand.

- Beware of the short-term focus on hitting MQL goals at any cost, as it can lead to inefficient tactics and missed revenue targets.

Jump into the conversation:

[03:54] Acute pressure to appease leadership may lead to short-term tactics.

[08:58] Targeted syndication beats spray and pray approach.

[16:16] Focus on other channels for lead generation.

[19:35] Immediate pipeline capture vs long-term nurturing.

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