Most people underestimate how complex marketing operations can get

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Most people underestimate how complex marketing operations can get.

Let's take a simple concept (a new demo request comes in) and see what you need to figure out:

(1) How you capture the data >> via a web form, form integrations, hidden fields, etc

(2) Enrichment >> integrations with enrichment vendors, form enrichment, enrichment waterfalls, etc

(3) Data normalization for persona, industry, role, etc >> in MAP automation, through integrations, etc

(4) Capturing consent/opt-in aligned with country-specific rules >> using web scripts, forms, automation in MAP, etc

(5) Scoring for both fit and intent >> automation in MAP, integrations with outside systems, etc

(6) Funnel/lifecycle automation >> MQL architecture, sales handoff, SLA tracking, routing, etc

(7) Sync to CRM >> error handling, sync timing, etc(8) Campaign/channel tracking >> UTM tracking, cookies, source data updates, campaign membership, etc

It's a lot to set up.

AND it all needs to be implemented perfectly. Because if it breaks, it has a material impact on revenue as the demo request doesn't get followed up.

Unfortunately, due to many marketing ops teams being severely underresourced issues in this process go unresolved.

But it's one of the best wins a MOps team can focus on if they can get the time to focus on it.