what we are about

We try to avoid a lot of the problems that come with an agency that prioritizes their own growth over that of their client’s. Built into our core is the desire to stay small but mighty so we can quality control our work to make sure our client’s are getting the maximum return on their investment with us.

Our ambitions may seem strange in this growth at all costs agency-world, but for us, we get the most satisfaction when our select group of clients are successful and when we get the opportunity to work with great people.

We operate with a simple one-page rolling contract that gives our client’s access to all CS2 services month-to-month. We don’t have time for lengthy admin and lock-in contracts that stall progress and cause animosity. We want our work to speak for itself and our clients to keep coming back month after month, year after year, because they see the value we can provide when both sides are committed to a long working relationship.


why we started cs2

Before starting CS2, we worked for B2B tech companies in the Bay Area (Marketo, Jive, Agari) and during this time we experienced the common difficulties working with larger marketing agencies. Value was stripped away by rigid contracts, inexperienced project managers and cookie cutter frameworks. Something that should take 3 days would take 3 weeks and costs piled up.

Deciding that companies deserved a better experience and having an eagerness to solve business problems ourselves we started CS2 in May 2015 and started working with our first clients, most of which are still our clients today.


The Team