Marketo Audit Framework - Excel File or Google Sheet

Marketo Audit Framework - Excel File or Google Sheet

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Get access to our customized spreadsheet that takes you step by step through everything you need to audit to get a true picture of your Marketo instance. We’ve been using this template when auditing clients’ Marketo instances for years, making sure we check all of the different areas that are crucial to the marketing automation process.

The audit covers 14 key areas including:

  • Organization and Structure
  • Program Setup
  • Lead Lifecycle and Process Management
  • SFDC <> Marketo Sync
  • Target Accounts/Account Based Marketing
  • And more!

We hope this will help you guide your audit and uncover any areas of concern in your marketing automation process.

Info on downloading:
The download comes in the form of an Excel file. If you would prefer to use it as a Google Sheet, the Excel file will have a link to that Google Sheet version.