Strategic Advising

With decades of experience working in B2B Tech marketing, we are consumed by the nuances that separate high performers from the rest. Armed with this knowledge, we become a trusted partner for the marketing leaders at our clients, helping establish a marketing function they can be proud of.



  • CMO, VP, Director Advising

  • Full technology & marketing ops evaluation

  • Demand generation strategy evaluation

  • Marketing and sales alignment

  • Data and Analytics Strategy

Marketing Technology

Whether it's Marketo, or any of the leading B2B Marketing technologies, we have you covered. We can run a full audit of your systems, consult on specific projects, or train your whole team. Whatever your goal is, we will guide the project, execute, run ongoing health checks and report on the results.


  • Marketing Technology Implementation

  • Marketo Audit

  • Lead Lifecycle and Scoring Implementation

  • Data and Analytics Strategy and Implementation

  • Lifecycle, Campaign and Revenue Reporting

Demand Generation

We see hundreds of campaigns execute each quarter and keep a close eye on what is performing well. We can help you craft your entire demand strategy, optimize individual campaigns so they perform at their very best, or build a repeatable process so your in-house team can hit those ambitious targets.


  • Multi-channel Campaign Strategy

  • Campaign Technical Optimization

  • ABM Strategy

  • Outbound/Sales Prospecting Strategy

  • Campaign Execution Managed Service

CS2 Community

Our clients get exclusive access to additional benefits as part of the CS2 community. We run client events, host a B2B Marketers Slack channel, and develop content and tools to help our clients stay ahead of the curve.




some of the Technologies we work with