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Demand Gen: The Volume Myth

With over 8 years behind the wheel of many different Marketo instances, we’ve seen our fair share of campaigns - many of which were successful, but also numerous failures. Through this, we have noticed that there is an idea that B2B Marketers can't seem to shake when it comes to demand gen for campaigns - “bigger is always better.”

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MarTechCharlie Saunders
3 Common Lead Scoring Pitfalls: Symptoms and Solutions

In B2B marketing lead scoring is certainly not a new concept and has been around for awhile in one form or another, yet still companies struggle to truly realize the benefits and conversion rates continue to drag. Lead scoring promises true marketing and sales alignment that will make sales more productive by focusing them on ideal targets and/or leads furthest through the buying cycle - so why are lead scoring models still not prioritizing the right leads?

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