eBook: The Guide to Remodeling Your Marketo Instance

Have you ever started a new job just to find out that their Marketo instance (aka your work home) is a mess?! We’ve all been there. Sometimes a Marketo instance is treated more like a hotel room than a long-term home. That’s when you know it’s time for some remodeling.

This ebook will take you through step by step on how to clean up and remodel your Marketo instance. We’ll go through what steps to take to find any issues, and provide some tips for keeping everything in tip top shape. We’ve packed it with advice from years of experience in and out of different Marketo instances, so we hope you can learn a thing or two.

Note: If you hate analogies, you’re not going to like this ebook very much. But, we hope you’re into it!

More of an audio person? We cover the basics of the ebook in this podcast episode, but for detailed info you’re going to want to dive into the pages!