Is it time to open the content gates?

Have you ever thought of ungating all your content? It’s an idea that has been floating around for some time and seems to be gathering steam over the last few years.

As B2B marketers, especially demand gen practitioners, we feel like we need our prospect’s information in our database to properly market to them. We drive people to our website with ads, gate content so they give up their information, then nurture them.

However, would it be the end of the world if all our content was available ungated, so our audience can have streamlined access and essentially nurture themselves? Do we really need to force them to identify themselves?

We may find that we are able to build a better relationship with our target market while they are anonymous to us.

If we are focusing more on building useful content that is helping them be better in their job, surely they will come back for more.

Then once we have them hooked we can suggest they subscribe, if they do, we truly know they value the subscription and they are not just someone who felt forced to give up their details.

No doubt lead volume and MQL/AQLs would drop and sales may panic. However, less inbound to deal with gives them more time to focus on crafting their account based outreach, while inbound leads are warming themselves before they are truly ready for sales contact.

Obviously, we wouldn’t recommend making the switch before testing this assumption, as the success depends on many factors, like content quality, size/setup of your sales team, audience profile/habits, and more.

Nevertheless, we encourage everyone to revisit and evaluate old habits and “stick a form in front of it” is definitely a habit that is gathering dust. The mantra we have at CS2 is “market to your audience like you would want to be marketed to yourself”.

So ask yourself, do you like filling out forms?