Expense It: Portland, Oregon

The biggest complaint I hear from frequent business travelers is that they never get time to enjoy the city they are traveling to, because after all, they are there for work. We’d like to help flip that ideology and offer up some suggestions for where to eat, stay and play while on a business trip. Just expense it!

First up, one of CS2's favorite cities - Portland, Oregon. CS2 Founder, Crissy Vetere-Saunders has crowned Portland the best city for eating at delicious restaurants on a budget. Unlike the restaurants in her hometown of San Francisco, Portland restaurants won’t break the bank and are relatively easy to make reservations for.

Cristina Vetere-Saunders  Co-Founder and Strategic Marketing Consultant

Cristina Vetere-Saunders

Co-Founder and Strategic Marketing Consultant

Over the last 7 years, I have been lucky to have a few connections that have brought me to visit Portland, Oregon. Portland is an amazing food city and continues to thrive as foodies and chefs from around the United States have flocked there for their lower cost of living (slowly going away), abundance of great produce from the Pacific Northwest, and the laid-back but still sophisticated food scene grown out of food trucks and into brick-and-mortars.


Check out our custom Google map below for Crissy’s list of must-eats (and do's) in Portland. We also have a list of these locations below.

Things to do

If you're lucky enough to get good weather while you're in town, Portland has some great outdoor spots to visit. Raining? Grab a rain coat (locals don't use umbrellas!) and check out some of their unique shops.



Portlandians sure enjoy their coffee - and they're good at it, too! Cozy up with a cup of joe in one of these local coffee shops.


When happy hour arrives, you can head to one of these local watering holes. You can consider yourself a "hipster" if you make it to one the places below.


There's no shortage of sweets in this rainy city. You can't go wrong with any of the options below - they're sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Move over eggs and bacon, these brunch spots will offer you an anything but ordinary breakfast or brunch experience. We would recommend skipping the tourist-crazed VooDoo Donuts and checking out one of the spots below.



If you're in town on business, make sure to set aside time for a group lunch and take your teammates or clients to one of these delicious spots. 


Grab a reservation at one of these restaurants, where they serve local produce and offer many options for those with diet restrictions.

Are we missing any of your favorites? Did you find our guide helpful? Let us know in the comments!