Expense It: London

We’re here to help you out. Instead of binging the snack in the mini-fridge while traveling on business, why don’t you adventure out and visit some cool places? Take advantage of all the unique things to do in London and expense it!

Have you ever heard the story of how Crissy and Charlie met? Well she was in San Francisco and he was in London. They worked at the same company, and like to tell people they “fell in love over Marketo.” Needless to say, there were a lot of trips across the pond for Crissy, and she happened to rack up a bunch of favorite places over there.

Cristina Vetere-Saunders  Co-Founder and Strategic Marketing Consultant

Cristina Vetere-Saunders

Co-Founder and Strategic Marketing Consultant

“London is a huge city made up of people from diverse backgrounds which makes this an amazing place to experience a different culture’s food, art, and traditions. Although seeing Buckingham palace and eating fish and chips is a must-do for many, I think you should also experience all the rest of the amazing cafes, restaurants, and neighborhoods that share a more unique and cultural experience that represents the mixing pot that is London today.”


Check out the list below or our custom Google Map to learn about some must-do’s in London.


Things to do

  • Natural History Museum (free)

  • Tate Modern Museum (free)

  • Borough Market (Crissy’s fave!)

  • Shopping/eating on Brick Lane

  • Frame in Shoreditch for a workout

  • Walk in Hyde Park








Are we missing any of your favorites? Did you find our guide helpful? Let us know in the comments! 

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