The Dangers of The Common ABM “Shortcut”

The ABM takeover of B2B Marketing has been going on for some time now and interestingly the “old skool” tactic of building cold marketing lists is a key part of many ABM strategies even after plenty of harsh criticism of cold lists over the years.

The general idea is to:

  1. Select target accounts you think will buy from you

  2. Acquire relevant (often cold) contact data for your target personas within those accounts

  3. Market to that data across your marketing and sales channels

In theory this seems logical. A marketer is now able to prioritize their efforts to target high value, high converting accounts with minimal waste. However, in practice, marketers often get sidetracked by The Cold Cold Shortcut.

The Cold Cold Shortcut: a seemingly quick tactic to turn a cold target account list into a valuable list of engaged prospects through medium-to-high volume email marketing and sales calls.

Unfortunately this is often too good to be true and The Cold Cold Shortcut is littered with dangers. Many that could crush your ABM dreams altogether. So before you consider traveling down The Cold Cold Shortcut make sure you understand the risks. We’ve tried highlighting many of them in this PDF for you.


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