Interactive Tool: Lead Scoring MQL Simulator

We created this custom tool so you can see all of your lead scoring at a glance, and play out scenarios for how different actions would affect a lead’s score. The simulator will allow you to input a leads actions and demographics, so you can see if they would MQL or not.

We have found that when explaining a lead scoring model to sales or even to other people in marketing, showing examples of what types of leads will become a MQL is the best way of helping them understand the model.

This is a great tool in determining if your lead scoring is working how you expect it to, or if it could use updating or adjustments. It can also be helpful in planning the scoring outcomes of list imports, or answering team members questions about when a lead will MQL.


We have also created this brief introduction video, to help you make the most of this Lead Scoring MQL Simulator. Enjoy!