May Show & Tell

Show & Tell is a blog series from the marketing nerds of CS2 Marketing. We’ll share with you the business and marketing related things we have been thinking about, reading about and are genuinely obsessed with.

We've put together a compilation of topics that the CS2 team has been discussing this month including spam-filtering bots, creative marketing campaigns and minimalism. Have thoughts on these topics? Share in the comments or tweet us at @CS2marketing.

  • Have you noticed an increase in click activity in your email programs? It might be because of spam-filtering bots. Companies are using spam-filtering programs such as Barracuda to protect themselves again viruses. These systems will "click" through emails to check for spam or viruses before delivering the email to the recipient. This results in an increased number of clicks shown in email reporting. Learn more about how it affects you and stay tuned for an upcoming blog post from us where we will go more in-depth about the topic.

  • In this eye-catching marketing move, innovative furniture company, Floyd Detroit, shows up at the right time. Their statement billboard is placed right before the highway exit to IKEA. Instead of going after a broad audience, they have chosen a small target segment - people on the way to IKEA in Portland. It's a good case study in knowing your target customer.

  • Does your company send out an email newsletter? We've found that company email newsletters are performing better than other types of marketing emails. Here's a guide on how to get started.

  • Less is more. In a highly consumerist world, could we gain more value from having less? Learn about the concept of minimalism in this Netflix documentary. "Less is more" can also be a helpful reminder for marketing tactics. Stop using a "spray and pray" approach and focus on small amounts of high quality content instead.

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