April Show & Tell

Show & Tell is a blog series from the marketing nerds of CS2 Marketing. We’ll share with you the business and marketing related things we have been thinking about, reading about and are genuinely obsessed with. See all Show & Tell posts here.

In this month's show and tell we are discussing how to thrive at work using these tactics for your body and your mind. First, Crissy discusses how working out has made her happier, more productive and given her more energy. Then, Christie shares some of the benefits of listening to podcasts, and provides some suggestions.

Working Your Body

If you asked Charlie or I what one habit you should adopt to improve your life it would be to exercise in the morning. Waking up while it’s still dark can be a challenge, but I have found that exercising in the morning has made me happier, healthier, and more productive! Although some points of my career have forced me to exercise in the evening, I found that I was more alert, was happier to be at work, and I could sustain longer stretches of concentration on one thing when I could break a sweat in the A.M.

How working out can make you better at your job:

Health benefits (duh)

Exercising has the obvious benefits of providing more oxygen to your brain to increase brain cell growth and cognitive function. But exercising can also increase endorphins which make you happier and can actually reduce your stress which is inevitable when working in marketing.

Higher productivity

Exercising in the morning sets you up for a long day because your body has now had time to release nervous energy and you can focus on projects. Exercising also gives you a feeling that you accomplished something and because of this, I believe it can help you tackle other problems more easily because they seem smaller.


Exercising in the morning can also make your habit more consistent because you are completing it while you have the most energy and before other things can derail you. Leaving exercise to the evening can leave you feeling uneasy or dreading it because it is still something you need to get done. Also, keeping exercise to the evening might make you more likely to miss your chance to exercise due to unexpected a work deadline or an accident on the road causing a long commute home.

Some of you reading this might be thinking, “I don’t have enough time in the morning to work out.” I suggest you really think about this. Can you go to bed earlier? Or, better yet any exercise is better than nothing! One thing I would do when strapped for time was to just blast out 50-100 burpees before heading in the shower depending on how long I had.

- Crissy

Working Your Mind: How podcasts can make you better at your job (and a better person!)

My favorite way to learn about new things is through podcasts. It becomes addicting. Once you start to learn new, fascinating things it makes you just want to know more. Here are some of the benefits I have noticed from listening to podcasts:

Opening up your mind

Hearing stories or interviews about people with different circumstances and backgrounds allows you to gain new perspectives. This then helps you to become more empathetic - a key attribute for relating to people. With these skills, you will naturally be more open to new ideas and new ways of doing things at work.

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Staying up-to-date

Let’s say you go without internet for a week. Here’s what you missed: Pepsi aired a commercial about solving world problems with a soda, United dragged man by the feet off a plane and Starbucks created the world’s most Instagram-able drink. One week is all it takes for these top news headlines to influence the way companies market themselves and do business. That’s why as a marketer it’s so important to stay current. Through listening to podcasts, I can learn the gist of big news stories without having to spent hours online deciphering which articles are real or fake. Disclaimer: I avoid political podcasts, but there are A LOT of those out there.

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Maximizing downtime

I have the benefit of working from home, so I don’t have a daily commute (unless you count the daily walk to Starbucks). If I did, I would definitely use that time to listen to podcasts. Driving to work, riding the bus/metro or walking is the perfect time to listen to podcasts because you are using time you already have to learn something new. Even if it’s not a work-related podcast, you may be learning things that you can apply at work. My podcast time is every night before bed, because I usually lay in bed for about 30 minutes before falling asleep anyways, so why not throw on a quick podcast? This is the time I listen to podcasts just for entertainment purposes.

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Now, there is such thing as information overload (learn more about it on podcast Note to Self) so make sure you listen to your brain when it all becomes too much. But otherwise, why not soak up the extra time you have to learn new things, and become a better employee and person while doing it?

- Christie