Expense It: Houston (H-Town)

Deep in the heart of the “Lone Star State”, not only will you find some of the heaviest southern accents and miles of land sprinkled with grazing livestock, but some of the best southern cuisine you could sink teeth into – and trust me when I say it will give your taste buds the blues.

But it’s not all acres of greenery and comfort food. Within also lies some of the most diverse and entertaining cities, and sitting at the top as most popular amongst tourists and migrants, is Houston, or what loyal locals call “H-Town”. It’s no stranger to business travelers either, so when your company sends you packing this way, be sure to indulge, experience and expense it!

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The Dangers of The Common ABM “Shortcut”

The ABM takeover of B2B Marketing has been going on for some time now and the “old skool” tactic of building cold marketing lists is a key part of many company’s ABM strategies. Often this leads marketers down the Cold Cold Road. A road that seems like a shortcut for ABM but in reality is filled with danger. Read more to find out what those dangers are.

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