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We are a team of skillful consultants embedded within your team. Guiding you towards your goals through the chaos of marketing tech. 

Proudly helping our clients grow faster, find time for vacations and receive promotions since 2015.  




CS2 operates with just one simple client contract. Giving our client's access to any of our services they need each month.  This allows us to be agile and take on any relevant project as it comes up. Enabling us to truly be an extension of your team.

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Martech Consulting

Whether it's Marketo, Hubspot or any of the leading B2B Marketing technologies we have you covered. We can run a full audit of your current systems or consult on specific projects. Whatever your goal we have been there before and will guide the project, implement accurately and report on the results. 

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Campaign Execution

Need an extra pair of hands to help you get campaigns out the door? We have literally run thousands of programs over the years and can be trusted to truly understand your unique processes so the campaigns run smoothly. 

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Demand Gen Strategy

We see hundreds of campaigns execute each quarter and keep a close eye on what is getting results. We can add value early while you are crafting your strategy or we can help individual campaigns perform at their very best. 

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Need your team trained on Marketo but have unique processes they need to know? Standard Marketo training doesn't prepare your team to use your specific instance. We learn your instance and train your team how to use it. 

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Pragmatic, a deep knowledge of the marketing technology stack and one of the few agencies that really gets agile marketing.
— Helen Trim, VP of Digital Marketing, Alfresco
  The leader in Open Source Enterprise Content Management


Our team


We are a small but mighty remote team of 5 humans and 4 dog assistants based out of San Francisco with team members in different corners of the US. Dedicated to delivering an on-demand consulting experience that builds a long lasting and trusting relationship with our clients.



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