Revenue Growth Architecture For B2B Tech

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GROW Framework: Revenue Growth Architecture

All the critical components of GTM Design, Revenue Analytics, and Operational Infrastructure that B2B SaaS needs to Win.

GTM Design

Develop a go-to-Market strategy that engages your customers the way they buy today, focuses your efforts on what actually works, and creates the right incentives for your team.

Revenue Analytics

Build a comprehensive analytics framework so everyone from the C-suite to individual contributors can evaluate marketing performance and make better decisions.

Operational Infrastructure

Help your GTM teams be effective with properly-designed processes, data, and tech that improves the customer experience and the effectiveness of your team.


Focus efforts on the most high leverage components of your Revenue Growth Architecture to drive efficient and predictable revenue growth.

CS2 GROW Assessment

GROW Revenue Growth Architecture Assessment

For most B2B tech companies the potential scope of work is limitless. And many companies and agencies do a lot of work on the wrong things that do not positively impact the business. 

To counteract this we have built an adaptable and modular Revenue Growth Architecture (RGA) assessment designed to find your biggest issues, identify areas of opportunity, and align on a business-critical roadmap.

CS2 GROW Review

GROW Review

As part of the GROW Framework, we have our Review methodology where we conduct regularly-scheduled reviews to monitor progress, report findings, and pivot as needed.

We meet with you weekly to discuss work in progress and quarterly to review your roadmap and report on successes.

5 stars

I have worked with CS2 over the past 5-6 years in multiple companies

They do not only have immense knowledge in the Marketing and Sales Operation domain, they also learn and grow while the MarTech landscape evolves. They also have a perfect balance of being detail-oriented and strategic thinker

Amanda Song
Sr Manager, Marketing Strategy and Operations, Coursera
5 stars

CS2 has a depth of knowledge in Marketing Operations, MarTech and understanding of process that is exceptional.

There is no challenge too great for them. They're down to earth and pragmatic approach is awesome! And they work fast.

Axel Baran
Director of Marketing Operations, Lacework
5 stars

Top-notch marketing operations expertise

They are smart, pragmatic, and infinitely trustworthy. They are creative problem solvers and work with you to figure out the best, most effective solutions. They always deliver on time and on budget. They are very pleasant and professional to work with.

Leah Allen
CMO at 6 River Systems, a Shopify company
5 stars

Amazing marketing operations partners and beyond

I was introduced to CS2 by Jon Miller after his time working with them at Marketo. His recommendation was nothing short of a life saver. I partnered with the team as head of marketing, in 3 different B2B SaaS startups for marketing operations support, revenue operations reporting, martech implementation, and much more.

Shari Johnston
Partner, Winning by Design (previously Marketing Leader at Demandbase, OpenDNS, & Radius)
5 stars

Knowledgeable, attentive, and the friendliest team you’ll work with.

The depth and breadth of their MOPS knowledge are unbeatable. Beyond that, their can-do spirit. For asks I feel like are a stretch, they still found ways to break them down, put together a clear plan for how to pursue them, and then set off on making it happen -- all within an incredibly reasonable timeline.

Ashley Wen
Content Marketing Manager, XQ / Emerson Collective
5 stars

If you don’t enjoy working with CS2, you don’t enjoy life.

CS2 are experts in Marketo, Salesforce, EverString, LeanData, Drift, Sendoso, and pretty much any other technology that matters to the modern marketer.

Shonal Narayan
VP Marketing, Constant (Previously, Senior Director of Marketing at Everstring)
5 stars

Hiring CS2 should be the easiest marketing decision you’ll make.

I've brought in the team at CS2 to run marketing ops and demand gen campaigns for every startup I've led marketing for - there is no one in the business that's better. Easiest decision you'll ever make. They are masters and I've used them for everything ops and demand gen related.

Kristen Alexander
Co-founder, Ox (Previously CMO, Certain and VP Marketing, Aviso)
5 stars

CS2 is an outstanding strategic marketing ops partner.

CS2 is a rare partner in the marketing ops world. The entire team is so skilled and easily switches from being detail-oriented on tactical pieces to strategic on larger business goals. The whole team seamlessly blends into our organization and assists with cross-functional projects like sales dashboards to lead scoring and a whole Marketo overhaul.

Katherine Oxenreiter
Marketing Operations Manager, Quantcast
5 stars

CS2 has been my “go-to” marketing operations partner throughout multiple organizations.

CS2 has been my "go to" marketing operations partner throughout multiple organizations. They've worked with me on everything from lead scoring to routing to attribution to email marketing and more. The folks over at CS2 are truly masters of their craft and are phenomenal partners.

Russell Banzon
VP Marketing,

CS2 is proud to be G2’s Top-Rated Marketing Automation & Revenue Ops Agency