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When Will AI Replace Technical RevOps Jobs?

AI has gone from 0-60 in the past three months. The speed of development is both exciting and unnerving. In this week's episode, we're diving deep into AI and exploring its potential impact on how we interface with our marketing/revenue ops tech stack.

From SFDC's AI flow builder, Zapier's AI automation builder, by Hubspot, AutoGPT, and dozens more examples of marketing and sales tech embedding advanced AI into their products, we'll examine the wild developments in AI-driven chat interfaces and their potential to revolutionize the way we interact with technology.

Join us as we explore:

• The current state of AI in Rev Ops tools and the move towards a more prompt-driven interface

• The possibilities and potential stages of AI evolution, from building complex automation to fully autonomous AI doing our jobs

• The pros and cons of AI-driven tool development, including the good (increased efficiency) and the bad (tech debt)

• The future of AI in sales and marketing, and the potential for a centralized AI that could change the fabric of our economy

Will AI eventually replace the need for marketers and salespeople or even reshape the entire tech industry? We are not sure, but we're going to discuss it nonetheless.

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