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What it's Like to Search for a MOps Job in 2022 | Garrett Erny, Owner, Poppy's Tech Aid

We are back and talking about MOPs hiring and job searching again. But this time we are chatting with Garrett Erny, Owner and Independent Marketing Ops Consultant of Poppy's Tech Aid who just went through a long job search process after having a history of working in-house and agency.

As you can see, Garrett is now independent, but before going that route Garrett went through a few months process of trying to find a job. So, he shares with us the good, the bad, the ugly, and the surprising things he saw across his search so you hiring managers can take note and you job searchers can be aware.

Garrett also shared his extensive journey into the MOps space with us to where he is now, so if you are looking just for tips and his experience, feel free to fast forward to about 12 minutes in.

If you want to learn more about Garrett feel free to follow him on LinkedIn and check out Poppy's Tech Aid.

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