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Tips for Managing a Tight Marketing Budget with Jason Widup, VP of Marketing at

Your budget just got cut and you are on a hiring freeze, but your marketing team's goals stayed the same. How do you deal? Where should you make the sacrifices and what should you stay invested in? And how can you articulate to finance why you actually need more to deliver on those goals?

On this week's episode, we have a MarTech veteran and now VP of Marketing at, Jason Widup on to discuss all about what to do when your budget is cut and all the ways he handled it himself in his current role during this "slow down" and in past roles.

We answer all of those burning questions above and more so this is a great one not only for MOps but anyone in marketing.

To learn more about go to their website here or follow them on LinkedIn. And to continue the conversation with him, connect with Jason on LinkedIn here.

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