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The State of Mops Talent in 2022 with Toby Murdock, CEO and Cofounder of Highway Education

In May 2022, Demandbase and Highway Education teamed up to survey MOps pros and uncover what the MOPs industry is up against through its State of Marketing Operations Talent Study.

I was happy and lucky to also be interviewed for the report, so it was my pleasure to have Toby Murdock, CEO and Cofounder of Highway Education back to the pod for a second time to discuss the findings and both of our takes on the State of Mops and how it has changed, but mostly stayed the same since the report was published.

If you are interested in learning about how we got to the state we are in and how companies can help combat the issues, then give it a listen!

Also if you want to check out the report you can find it here and also learn more about Highway Education here.

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