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The Mops and Sops Power Partnership with Veronica Lazarovici and Doris Hu

Alignment across sales operations and marketing operations is crucial to company growth and efficiency. They are the life line to supporting the revenue function. And whether you are under one team in RevOps or not, you really can have strong alignment and have a "power partnership."

Case in point: Veronica Lazarovici, Marketing Ops Lead and Doris Hu, Director of Sales Ops at Alma who were our guest speakers this week. Once you take a listen you will be so inspired by the incredible alignment and relationship they have between their teams - and even with a 6-hour time different between them!

Both Veronica and Doris dive into the benefits of their partnership, what impacts on the business there can be without the strong partnership in place, how they both manage their requests processes and stay aligned on their roadmap, their approach to aligning teams to "tech" and not "processes" and then how they support the whole revenue team with  reporting and training and enablement.

Get your paper out because you will be wanting to take notes! And also, if you loved this - share it with your Mops or Sops counterparts!

Feel free to connect with Veronica here and Doris here on LinkedIn to hear more from them!

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