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The Case for Mops Pros Getting Comfortable Reading and Writing Basic Code with Jordan Bergeson, Senior Director of Marketing @

As the landscape has evolved for marketing ops teams with what tools we use, the problems we solve, and the technical solutions we are building, it feels like MOps is starting to closely resemble data engineering, software engineering, web dev, IT, and DevOps.

Because of this, it is becoming increasingly important for MOps folks to understand what is possible and how you can leverage code to develop solutions that are not only innovative but also can help your marketing scale - instead of creating even more technical debt. And our guest Jordan Bergeson, Senior Director of Marketing at explains in this episode why it matters, shows off some cool use cases for how it can be used, and talks through ways to get started no matter what comfort level you have with coding now.

This is a great listen for those interested in learning code or who want to spark ideas on what is possible and hire or bring in resources who can code, so I highly recommend giving it a listen, or better yet a watch if you can because we do a screen share his use case which you can find documented here.

To learn more about Jordan, follow him on LinkedIn and check out his blog!

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