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The Big Benefits of Identifying You and Your Team's "Strengths"

So many times we position and measure people on our ops teams based on their technical skills. But how do we actually understand what someone’s true strengths are?

These aren’t skills they learn or train themselves, but really the traits they just naturally have that can help them be successful and energized.

So this week, we have our very own Sr. Director of MOps, Joy Martinez, on the podcast to talk all about one her favorite topics, strengths, and how mangers and individuals can identify their own and their team’s strengths and use that knowledge to make them and their team more effective.

Joy will also cover how she led our CS2 team through a workshop on strengths at our team offsite this summer and how it can maybe inspire you and your team to do the same!

To learn more from Joy, connect with her on LinkedIn and check out some of the strengths resources we talked about on the podcast below.

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