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Technical Debt is Hindering Your Marketing Team

Do you know what technical debt is? Though the term has been widely used across product engineering teams, technical debt describes what results when development teams take actions to expedite the delivery of a piece of functionality or a project which later needs to be refactored. Does this sound familiar to you?

Now that marketers are dealing with systems that are getting more dated and with more hands and tech touching them, we are seeing tech debt on the rise. And on top of it, timelines and expectations to deliver projects are not changing, so many teams are just adding to the problem.

We were lucky to have Lindsay Rothlisberger, Head of MOps and Email at Zapier join us on this episode to discuss all things tech debt and why it's hindering your marketing. We cover signs that show you may have a lot of tech debt, reasons why operators and marketers need to care, ways to prevent or combat tech debt, and what some folks are doing wrong when trying to eliminate it.

If you enjoyed hearing from Lindsay and want to hear more from her, connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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