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Revenue Growth - AI: How To Use ChatGPT for AI Lead Scoring 

Welcome to Revenue Growth - AI, a new series hosted by Charlie Saunders. In this episode, Charlie dives in to examine a potentially game-changing approach to lead scoring that harnesses the power of ChatGPT generative AI. 

Lead scoring can be a very time-consuming, manual task that is an ambiguous black box for your sales team. Now, with the accessibility of ChatGPT, B2B companies have access to a new solution that will provide a more cost-effective, efficient, and transparent way to have advanced AI prioritize leads for sales by:  

  • Using the right prompts to get ChatGPT to help analyze your leads and give them a score
  • Teaching your AI model to factor in missing data, provide insights into its decision making, and continually improve through training
  • Potentially removing the need for any time consuming scoring setup in your Hubspot/Marketo/Pardot instance 

Charlie explores four different lead scoring examples, and walks you through how to set-up ChatGPT with Zapier to auto-generate lead scores in Salesforce, along with the pros, cons, and overall feedback for using this solution for scoring.

If you're looking for the exact prompt Charlie uses in this video, here it is:

We are selling a technology product that tracks the b2b funnel and lifecycle to give advanced analytics for the marketing and sales team. The ideal fit is based on the following factors:

1. Target personas: Marketing managers all the way to leadership. Salespeople in leadership positions. Revenue and marketing operations professionals and leaders.

2. Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): B2B technology companies. Strictly focus on scoring leads for B2B tech companies. If a lead is from a non-tech company, significantly reduce the score to reflect our primary focus on B2B tech companies. Use your knowledge about well-known companies to fill in missing data points, if possible.

3. If the company is not well-known and the industry is missing, reduce the score to account for the uncertainty of the lead quality and then note that there is missing information so the score was reduced.

4. Seniority is a very important factor to consider, as more senior leads have a higher influence on purchasing decisions.

5. we have a better fit when employee size is over 10006. Also consider how likely the persona will be feeling these pain points: bad data on funnel tracking, no insight into what channels/offers are working, no data on sales performance, no ability to build a revenue plan due to poor conversion data. I

will submit details of the lead detail and you will respond with a score 1-100 and your reasoning in 3 dashed bullet point short sentences, formatted exactly like the following:

- Score (1-100)

- Reasoning 1

- Reasoning 2

- Reasoning 3

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