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Pipeline Source is Wrong But It Can Be Useful

"All Models Are Wrong, But Some Are Useful" - British statistician George E. P. Box

We have quoted our good man George so many times on this podcast, and today's episode title is even inspired by it as we talk all about Pipeline Source.

Right now when jobs are on the line or teams are looking to show their impact, it can be very tempting to want to try to use pipeline source to give "credit" as to which team or channel (marketing, sales, partner) drove the opportunity.

Or, even if the intention is to not use pipeline source for credit, some teams are just identifying it in the wrong way.

So on today's podcast we will give you or take in under 30 minutes on:

  1. All the reasons why pipeline source can be wrong
  2. How to do it right if you still plan to use it
  3. And how, even though it can be "wrong", it still can be useful

Take a listen and let us know -- are we wrong or was our advice useful? 😄

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