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Maximizing Your SFDC Campaign Performance: Solving the "Where/What" Challenge

Are you struggling to measure the impact of your marketing channels and track the origin of your leads? You're not alone! This week on The Revenue Growth Architects Podcast, Nina Valtcheva, Director of Solutions Architecture at CS2, comes back to chat about how to unravel the mystery of SFDC Campaign/Channel Tracking and help you master the art of attribution.

In this information-packed episode, we'll cover:

  • The Where/What Challenge: Discover how to track how someone got to your content and what they converted on, and learn about the different methods to set up your SFDC Campaigns for better attribution
  • Setting Up SFDC Campaign Tracking: Dive into the process of creating SFDC Campaign Types, defining UTM values, and setting up automation to streamline your tracking and reporting
  • Reporting and Utilizing Data: Explore various reporting techniques and learn how to use the data to optimize your marketing campaigns and boost your ROI, and finally,
  • Common pitfalls to be aware of, key monitoring strategies, and the importance of not setting and forgetting your tracking process

This episode is sure to help you take your campaign tracking skills to the next level!

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