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Mastering HubSpot: Best Practices for Strategy and Execution

Are you ready to take your HubSpot game to the next level? This week on the Revenue Growth Architects Podcast, Gany Rodriguez joins to dive into how to maximise your use of HubSpot.

Get ready for a whirlwind tour of HubSpot best practices as we break down:

  • Strategy: Learn how to approach your go-to-market process, whether or not to adopt HubSpot's built-in features or customize them to fit your own, and the ins and outs of opt-in/opt-out strategies and global forms
  • Operations: Discover the secrets of operationalizing global forms, templatizing workflows, and managing marketing vs. non-marketing contacts
  • Analytics: Uncover the power of HubSpot's campaign tracking and reporting features, including form submissions, workflow details and audits, and the versatile journey report builder

Whether you're a HubSpot novice or a seasoned pro, this episode is packed with tips and tricks to help you optimize your enterprise experience with this powerful marketing tool.

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