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Designing a Customer Experience with End User Privacy in Mind | Xander Broeffle, Director of Marketing Operations at CS2

So many times we create a process with our internal users in mind without really thinking about the impact on our end users. And now more than ever when our prospects are taking on the buyer journey on their own and really value their privacy, it is time we took a different look at how we create and operationalize that customer experience with that in mind.

On this week's episode, our very own Director of MOps, Xander Broeffle takes us through why this is important and how you and your marketing team can really change their mindset when operationalizing projects like an opt-in strategy or preference center to name a few and all while thinking about how to respect the end user's privacy and match your marketing to their expectations.

After listening to this, you will want to hear more tips from Xander, so follow him here on LinkedIn!

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