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CS2'S Guide to Revenue Planning

It's the end of year and many revenue teams are looking to do their revenue planning and tapping operators to help work with finance to do so.

However, from our experience, companies are often missing the proper data or practices in order to revenue plan with success.

So want to be the hero and lead this important project successfully? We got you!

On the podcast this week, new host Xander Broeffle interviews Alison Rouse, CS2's VP of Solution Architecture and Analytics as she walks through CS2's guide to revenue planning.

They both dive into:

  • Tops-down versus Bottoms-up data modeling
  • The risks when only utilizing one of these models
  • Foundational data points needed for both models
  • How goals should be communicated and revisited by the revenue team
  • And how to approach next year's planning if you already do have a strong data foundation

Get ready to take some serious notes!

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