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CS2's Guide to Handling Common MAP Security Risks

Do you know that your marketing automation system can easily be attacked or threatened?

And these attacks, when not handled properly or prepared for, can really impact not only your reputation, but your customer experience and trust with your whole revenue team, especially sales?

It's better to be prepared than surprised, so this episode is a must listen if you manage the marketing automation platform for your org.

This week, we introduce our new cohost Xander Broeffle, Director of MOps at CS2, and he joins Crissy and Charlie to dive into two very common security threats to any marketing automation platform that happen a lot.

During the episode we will cover:

  • What the two (kind of 3) threats are
  • How to identify or tell you have been attacked or at risk
  • What proactive steps you can do to be prepared for one
  • What to do in the event you are attacked
  • And how you can minimize the impact of a potential attack on your reputation, your systems, your customer experience and your trust from sales.

So join us for this quick chat and then go inform your revenue team and the IT/ security team and build a preparation plan. You will be SO happy you did!

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