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CS2's Guide to Customer and Prospect Communication Orchestration

On this week's episode, Xander sits down with Crissy to talk through CS2's Guide to Customer and Prospect Communication Orchestration.

In the last several years, companies have brought on more and more technology and adopted more channels to communicate with their prospects and customers.  From marketing automation, sales engagement platforms, to social messaging and their product itself, companies are creating disjointed customer experiences with duplicative messages and lack of cohesive efforts across the whole revenue team who work in silos.

How we communicate to prospects and buyers is a HUGE part of that customer experience alone so we need to care!

During the episode we will share our tips for creating great communications orchestration within your org, how to get buy-in and alignment toward this effort, and also what outcomes you will see as a result of it.

Get your notepads ready. Trust us.

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