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Can ChatGPT Build An ABM Strategy Better Than A Human?

This week, I'm putting ChatGPT to the test: Can this AI powerhouse develop a full-fledged ABM strategy, from target account identification to engagement tactics and persona-specific messaging?

As B2B marketers, we know that jumping into ABM execution without a solid strategy can be a recipe for disaster. But what if ChatGPT could take on the role of an ABM consultant?

I decided to experiment this theory for myself. In this episode, I'm going to build an ABM strategy from scratch. I asked ChatGPT to:

• Define goals and measures of success for an ABM strategy, including identifying and tiering target accounts and outlining engagement tactics for each account tier  

• Pinpoint personas to target and craft personalized messaging

• Ensure sales buy-in and enable them for success

And as a bonus, I challenged ChatGPT to come up with the craziest and most unique ABM marketing campaign it can think of. Curious as to what it came up with? Tune in to find out the pros, cons, and overall verdict on whether ChatGPT could be the ABM strategist you've been looking for.

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