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Building an Effective Tech Stack Centered on People and Process | Mollie Bodensteiner Dir. of RevOps, Syncari

When it comes to building or adding to a tech stack, the "less is more" approach is typically our go-to response for clients but, of course, what is more important than size is how the tech is actually used and if it really supports the process and objectives for the teams. However, due to some great marketing and overly excited team members, sometimes the original need for that new addition gets lost along the way. In this week's episode, Mollie Bodensteiner, Director of RevOps at Syncari, takes us through how operations teams can really build efficient tech stacks focused on their organization's people and processes and how to avoid the "Shiny Objects" that can lead them astray.

Mollie's years of experience in RevOps have helped her understand that technology is never the solution by itself, it is only as good as the processes it supports and the people who execute them. So be sure to tune in to this episode to learn why focusing on people and process first can help your tech stack stay lean and efficient and how to best manage and implement new tech in your org. And be sure to follow Mollie on LinkedIn for more great insights:

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