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A Deep Dive into Marketing ROI with Alison Rouse, VP of Solutions Architecture and Analytics at CS2

Measuring ROI on marketing is probably one of the trickiest things to do for operators and analysts.

There are so many things to consider from your campaign structure, how you track cost, and even what tools to use.

But this week, our very own VP of Solutions Architecture and Analytics Alison Rouse will dive into another meaty topic for analytics - and that is yup, marketing ROI!

On the podcast we will dive into:

  • The definition of ROI and the different types you can measure for marketing
  • What pitfalls or issues you can face when trying to track ROI
  • What methods we see work best across clients and an overview on a few tools to use
  • And, what you really need to also track first before even trying to measure marketing ROI to tell the full story

If you loved our attribution episodes on the pod - you will love this one! Whether you are a CMO trying to understand marketing ROI, or an analyst tackling it yourself, it will be super helpful.

To connect with Alison and ask any follow-up questions for her, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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